Ribbo to  the CCI*** level), she also trains young horses and points them towards the dis-
cipline that best suits them. Young horses can gain mileage inexpensively in Aiken year
round in any discipline. Pippa does virtually all of the riding of horses in training and those
for sale. Personalized programs for each horse and top professional care are a given.
Operating out of a lovely facility within 5 minutes of Paradise Farm and Full Gallop Farm
and within 20 minutes of downtown Aiken. Available for lessons and training packages of
any length. Many references and an excellent reputation for communication with clients.
Pippa's relaxed, but articulate teaching style has
resulted in many clients who are pleased with the
improvement in their riding, and their grasp of
classical riding theories. She offers a wide breadth of
experience, coupled with knowledge gleaned from
working with some of the top contenders in Eventing
today. Add to that, her own upper level experience
and she has lots to offer both the horse and the rider.

In her business of horses sales and acting as a buyer's
agent Pippa uses a long list of contacts across the
country, and particularly the east coast. Advice and
aid in importing foreign horses is available as well. Please contact her directly at
pippamoon@gmail.com or 207-650-9220 for Training, Sales, and Lesson information.
Pippa Moon Training & Sales sells a wide variety of
horses in Aiken, SC. We have sold Eventers, Jumpers,
Hunters, Equitation mounts and Dressage horses. We
have sold horses out of one discipline and into another as
the horse's talents and nature dictated. With a wide
variety of riding interests in Aiken, there is a market for
nearly every horse. From young promising jumpers for
professionals to experienced event horses for juniors and
amateurs, we can aide you in selling a horse or finding a
new one.

While one of Pippa's main focuses is on training and
campaigning upper level Event horses (most notably
Pippa Moon • Training & Sales | Aiken, NC | 250 650 9220 | pippamoon@gmail.com
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